I’m a staff software engineer at Sunrun, the USA’s largest residential solar installer.

I mostly work with kotlin, but also java, python, ruby, javascript, typescript. My hobby is picking up new hobbies. Currently bird photography and camping.

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  • It’s also just a huge fallacy. He’s saying that people just choose to not write memory safe code, not that writing memory safe code in C/C++ is almost impossible. Just look at NASA’s manual for writing safe C++ code. It’s insanity. No one except them can write code that’s safe and they’ve stripped out half the language to do so. No matter how hard you try, you’re going to let memory bugs through with C/C++, while Rust and other memory safe languages have all but nullified a lot of that.

  • Because no one ever uses those. Literally > and | are the only ones I’ve ever seen in over a decade and you will never need to worry about the differences between the two.

    XML as a configuration language is terrible. Yaml gets the point across in an easily readable way, which is exactly the point. Same for JSON except JSON you can’t even use comments (you need json5 or one of the numerous other alternatives to get those).