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  • Nah, I don’t buy that. When you’re in critical infrastructure like that it’s your job to anticipate things like people being above or below versions. This isn’t the latest version of flappy bird, this is kernel level code that needs to be space station level accurate, that they’re pushing remotely to massive amounts of critical infrastructure.

    I won’t say this was one guy, and I definitely don’t think it was malicious. This is just standard corporate software engineering, where deadlines are pushed to the max and QA is seen as an expense, not an investment. They’re learning the harsh realities of cutting QA processes right now, and I say good. There is zero reason a bit of this magnitude should have gone out. I mean, it was an empty file of zeroes. How did they not have any pipelines to check that file, code in the kernel itself to validate the file, or anyone put eyes on the file before pushing it.

    This is a massive company wide fuckup they had, and it’s going to end up with them reporting to Congress and many, many courts on what happened.

  • I’ll be honest man, just don’t do it. I tried, I really did, to make this exact scenario to work. You can get it to work - but it will be extremely brittle. You’re essentially hacking around LXC to do things it wasn’t built to do, and most of it is disabling security that’s there for a reason. At the end of the day you are essentially running docker directly on the host anyway, the passthrough lxc becomes less and less “there” vs passing stuff through. Then, every update to proxmox became anxiety riddled because every update would change or break something on my setup.

    If you want to continue, more power to you, but I hope you heed my warnings. This is a path you will spend a lot of time on and experience a lot of frustration. Spin up a tiny debian VM and run the containers there, the overhead of the VM has been negligible, and any speedup I might have had has been made up 10x by cutting the amount of time I’ve had to hack proxmox to make it work.

  • I’m not a fan of all or nothing, I think there’s a place for a well trained police force. Look at Europe and the UK, they aren’t armed, but they have power still. Someone has to take care of the person who stole a car and is speeding down the freeway going 100+, crisis councilors aren’t going to be driving trying to perform a PIT maneuver.

    I think it’s a blend, in my example the police would bring them into custody, and then trained people work with them after that working out what happened and working with the justice department. There are many things that police aren’t needed at, like domestic issues, but there are plenty we do need them at too. (However, reforming the police needs to happen, I’m not saying they are perfect right now.)