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  • Assuming you’re coming from a linear programming and OOP background, then data (incl. SQL) kinda sucks because it’s not always clear how to apply existing concepts. But, doing so is absolutely critical to success, perhaps more so than in most OOP environments. Your post isn’t funny to me because I’d be laughing at you, not with you.

    That’s correct, I have done a lot of OOP in Java and C#, and the internship I’m doing is with C# and ASP.Net.

    If a variable is fucked, the first questions you should answer are, “Where’d it come from?” and “What’s its value along the way?”. That looks a lot different in Python than SQL. But, the troubleshooting concept is the same.

    You see, I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time, wasn’t looking at the right place, and like the post says, I’ve finally looked at the right place and made me feel frustrated. The frustration was at myself not at programming.

  • I understand what you’re saying, but I designed my website to be short and sweet, something that can be skimmed through and move on.

    Maybe consider combing the About Me and Contact Me pages.

    Can you expound?

    For a keyword search or something like an ATS having those things mentioned is probably helpful. Though, for an ATS you should be optimizing for that separately.

    I asked ChatGPT to make an ATS friendly change to the About Me section. Is this what you mean, and can it be beautified with the ability for the ATS to go through it