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  • Got to play it with someone for a bit, they seemed to know where all the neat things were (iirc, the murals, scarf lengthening thingies, etc). But due to the inability to communicate more than just “dings” I couldn’t convey that I needed a quick toilet break. They were gone after I came back, which was a bit sad but I probably wouldn’t have stayed waiting either, tbh.

    It was quite okay, I recall playing it through twice, but the second round didn’t really offer much in terms of “value” over the first. Cool visuals and concept, though.

    Other somewhat similar vibing games which I somewhat relate to Journey:

    • Sable - Somewhat similar character designs, quite a bit more scifi and some dialogue. Pretty cool 3d platformer puzzle.
    • Proteus - walking-sim, graphics are those “if atari 2600 could do 3d”. Kinda cool experience, but also kinda one-and-done.

  • Last Epoch

    playing offline because that’s where all my stuff is as last I checked the online was a disaster. Other than that, it’s pretty cool ARPG. Though I have some thoughts about some “gearcheck” -type bosses. After ~180h (since beta) or whatever, I’m still thinking it’s a solid 7/10. Fairly enjoyable, but not greatest of all time by any stretch.

    Content Warning

    It’s completely stupid and I love it. Essentially wannabe-“spööktubers” take a camera and few flashlights into dark, abandoned industrial complex to film something spooky, just to gain views on “Spööktube”. Views gain you money, money buys you gear.

    The dives to the industrial complex are very short too, as you can only film so much (90s max, it seems), and the monsters are hella deadly. Either the camera gets filled or everyone is dead in minutes.

    The footage can be saved as .webm -videos to desktop, which is GREAT